Gothic realism, tropical horror, tragicomedy, bloody text, science fiction; Mandrágora is an unclassified novel, a splendid literary object that surprises and traps on each page. M, imbued with a mysterious illness, wanders between clandestine Miami doctors’ offices, as he struggles to keep the fragile balance between his dark appetites, his family life and his job at a big transnational. A hidden enigma in a pornographic video embarks M on a delirious journey, called to mark his destination.

«Camilo Pino manages the language with surgical efficiency. There are no useless frills and timeouts in his prose. With marvelous skill, he combines suspense and cynicism. His texts have a rare speed and mood for our literature. Camilo does not want to be complacent, he writes as if he wants to leave the reader breathless. And it succeeds.» -Alberto Barrera-Tyszka.


Camilo Pino ( Venezuela , 1970) is the author of  Valle Zamuro ( Pre – Textos, PuntoCero ) awarded with the «XV Carolina Coronado Novel Prize» and a finalist in the Critics Award Prize of Venezuela. He was selected among the twelve authors participating in Viaje One Way: antología de narradores de Miami published by Suburbano Ediciones (SED ). Camilo leaves in Miami since 2000.

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