Viaje One Way

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Miami, Florida Everyone talks about this southernmost major city of the United States. Now, at last, Miami has its own book. Viaje One Way (A One-Way Journey) is the first literary anthology by authors from Miami to be published in the 21st century. Writers from different countries in Latin America and from Spain who have become assimilated yet still share commonalities reveal in their writings a Miami that is much more complex than is generally thought.

Authors such as José Ignacio Valenzuela (Chile), Eli Bravo (Venezuela), Rosana Ubanell (Spain), Gastón Virkel (Argentina), Rodolfo Pérez Valero (Cuba), Rossana Montoya (Peru), Camilo Pino (Venezuela), José Abreu Felippe (Cuba), Carlos Gámez Pérez (Spain), Andrés Hernández Alende (Cuba), Vera (Argentina), and Pedro Medina León (Peru) have contributed to this anthology.

“Viaje One Way puts a microphone to the voices of those whose lives we can most closely relate to, yet don’t hear enough from”  —Allan Guzmán.


Hernán Vera Álvarez (Argentina, 1977) sometimes just known as Vera, was born in Buenos Aires in 1977. He is a writer and a cartoonist. He has published a book of stories, Una extrana felicidad (llamada América) (A Strange Happiness Called America), Grand Nocturno, and a comic book, La gente no puede vivir sin problemas! (People Can’t Live Without Problems!). Much of his work has been featured in magazines and newspapers in the United States and in Latin America: El Nuevo Herald, Meansheets, Loft Magazine, El Sentinel, Nagari, Sea-Latino, TintaFrescaUS, La Nación, and Clarín. He lived in the United States for eight years as an illegal immigrant, working in the shipyards, in the kitchen of a nightclub, in discotheques, and in construction.

Pedro-Medina-Leon-150x150.jpgPedro Medina León
(Lima, Peru) is the author of Streets de Miami (Streets of Miami), Mañana no te veré en Miami (I Won’t See You Tomorrow in Miami) and Lado B (Side B). He has also contributed to several anthologies and much of his work has been featured in newspapers such as El Nuevo Herald. In 2009, he launched the magazine Revista Cultural (Miami). Since 2013, he has led the publishing house Suburbano Ediciones, and he was also a professor of creative writing at the Koubek Center, Miami Dade College between 2013 and 2015.



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