Lado B


Lado B is the story of Yaneira, a young woman who wants to escape her life as a prostitute and open a beauty salon. In order to obtain the money needed to do this, she decides to marry Carmona, an illegal immigrant who has lived in Miami for seven years. Both she and Carmona see an opportunity in each other as well as the only possibility of becoming successful in a country where, as immigrants, they have never felt welcome.

The preparations for the wedding take place on the street corners, in the cafeterias, and in the bars along Washington Avenue, Collins, and Española Way. Each day brings some small pleasures as well as lots of unhappiness to these two.

“A true picture of Miami today.” -Edmundo Paz Soldán.


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Viaje One Way

Miami, Florida Everyone talks about this southernmost major city of the United States. Now, at last, Miami has its own book. Viaje One Way (A One-Way Journey) is the first literary anthology by authors from Miami to be published in the 21st century. Writers from different countries in Latin America and from Spain who have become assimilated yet still share commonalities reveal in their writings a Miami that is much more complex than is generally thought.

Authors such as José Ignacio Valenzuela (Chile), Eli Bravo (Venezuela), Rosana Ubanell (Spain), Gastón Virkel (Argentina), Rodolfo Pérez Valero (Cuba), Rossana Montoya (Peru), Camilo Pino (Venezuela), José Abreu Felippe (Cuba), Carlos Gámez Pérez (Spain), Andrés Hernández Alende (Cuba), Vera (Argentina), and Pedro Medina León (Peru) have contributed to this anthology.

“Viaje One Way puts a microphone to the voices of those whose lives we can most closely relate to, yet don’t hear enough from”  —Allan Guzmán. (more…)

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