Vera (Hernán Vera Alvarez, Argentina, 1977) sometimes just known as Vera, was born in Buenos Aires in 1977. He is a writer and a cartoonist. He has published the books of stories, Una extrana felicidad (llamada América) (A Strange Happiness Called America), Grand Nocturno, and a comic book, La gente no puede vivir sin problemas! (People Can’t Live Without Problems!). Much of his work has been featured in magazines and newspapers in the United States and in Latin America: El Nuevo Herald, Meansheets, Loft Magazine, El Sentinel, Nagari, Sea-Latino, TintaFrescaUS, La Nación, and Clarín. He lived in the United States for eight years as an illegal immigrant, working in the shipyards, in the kitchen of a nightclub, in discotheques, and in construction.



Suburbano Ediciones (SED) is an independent publishing house whose goal is to publish the written literary works of Hispanic authors in the United States. Literary works that, for the most part, have not yet received the recognition they deserve in this country. SED is an endeavor sponsored by Revista Cultural Suburbano.net, an online literary magazine founded in Miami six years ago.
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